Intercampus Bus (Redditch and Bromsgrove)

Redditch Intercampus Bus

Our free intercampus bus runs between our Bromsgrove and Redditch campus. This service operates during normal term-time and is available to all full-time students. However, any student wishing to use services will be required to produce a HoW College Student ID Pass when boarding the bus and be prepared to produce their card if asked by the Bus Driver or another authorised agent of the College (from time to time the College will employ a security company to ride on buses). You should be issued with your ID Card as part of your induction programme. Please keep it safe and carry it with you at all times. The pick-up and drop off points are Easemore Rd in Redditch (behind the Sixth Form Centre) and the bus stop in the College’s main car park at the Bromsgrove Campus. These buses are provided and entirely funded by the College and are designed to assist where there are transport issues experienced by large numbers of students. More information is available from the College’s Advice Centres.

 Conditions of using HoW College

Transport Always have your student ID Card with you for all travel on the inter-campus bus and be prepared to show your pass if asked by the driver or another representative of the College. If you are not able to produce your pass you may be denied travel. You are only entitled to use the intercampus bus when you have classes at College. Smoking and use of offensive language is not permitted on College buses. Heart of Worcestershire College cannot in any circumstances accept responsibility for loss or damage to any property belonging to students, staff or any other persons whilst using the service. Such property can only be permitted to remain thereon at the owner’s risk. We expect you to be considerate and only take up one seat. The front two seats on the College Bus have been set aside for students with limited mobility, those bringing children to College Nursery and the elderly. You can use these seats if no-one is using them but you must give the seat up immediately if an elderly student, a student with a child or limited mobility boards the bus.

For your own and other passengers’ safety, it is very important that you don’t take part in boisterous behaviour, make too much noise or in any other way distract the driver. You should not throw any objects from the bus windows or shout at people passing by. Standing or sitting against the front window is not allowed as this is against Health and Safety regulations. If you cause any damage to a College bus you will not be allowed to use College buses and you will have to pay all costs to repair the damage. If buses are fitted with seatbelts you should wear them at all times. If you have any queries, problems or concerns about travel on the College buses please contact Learner Services