Public Services

HND in Public Services

Course overview

With more than five million employees the public sector is the UK’s largest employer and offers a wide range of opportunities. Successful completion of the HND will allow students to gain the experience and qualifications to help gain employment within the uniformed or non-uniformed public service industry.

This course has been designed to provide a wide range of knowledge and skills that will enhance an individual’s employment opportunities both within and external to the public sector including; military, emergency services, prison services, criminal justice or youth work.

The HND in Public Services at HoW College allows you to gain work experience within the course and
earn whilst you learn, due to the course structure and content. We understand what employers look
for in the public services and we have tailored the course to ensure you tick all the boxes they require.

The Public Services team is made up of highly experienced vocational staff that have had careers in the Royal Marines and the Police Service, coupled with academic excellence in the field of social sciences and masters level qualifications in Criminology and Forensic Psychology. All team members have relevant teaching qualifications which arms them with the skills to share their first hand knowledge and expertise with students.

Entry requirements

You will require 64 UCAS points or an equivalent Level 3 Public Services related qualification and five A - C GCSEs including maths and English.

Mature applicants are welcome to apply and will be assessed on an individual basis and may be asked to complete a short task to demonstrate the required level of knowledge to meet the demands of the course.

All applicants will be asked to attend a formal interview to assess suitability and commitment to the programme of study.

The College has a commitment to widening participation in Higher Education, and will therefore give careful consideration to prior experiential learning, non-traditional qualifications and qualifications obtained outside of the United Kingdom.

Course Modules

In order to prepare you for your chosen career the following units provide you with a wide range of transferable skills and knowledge. You will study subjects such as;

––Crime Reduction and Community Safety
Learners will explore concepts of crime reductions and the ‘multi-agency’ approach to safer communities. The aim of the unit is to give learners an understanding of the methods used to combat crime and reduce antisocial
behaviour so leading to the development of safer communities.

––Fair Treatment in Public Services:
This unit enables learners to understand the legal provision for the protection of individuals against discrimination and the different procedures open to victims of unfair treatment.

––Organisations and Behaviour:
The aim of this unit is to develop an understanding of individual and group behaviour in public service organisations and to examine current theories and their application in managing behaviour in the workplace.

––Managing Public Sector Finance:
Learners will understand the allocation of and accountability for public sector funding and the ways that public services report financial performance.

––Public Services Activity Management:
This unit aims to enable learners to manage activities in the public sector such as outdoor activities, residential experiences and training events. The unit focuses on the knowledge, skills and understanding required to oversee the management of public sector activities, including planning, review and evaluation.

––Managing Stress:
The unit aims to support understanding of how workplace stress reduces productivity and organisational effectiveness. It examines how stress causes poor performance and how dealing with stress distracts managers from other activity.

––Personal and Professional Development:
This unit aims to help the learner become an effective and confident self-directed employee through examining how to manage your own personal and professional skills to achieve career goals.

––Small-scale research
This unit aims to develop the skills required for information gathering and research in the field of public services within an ethical context. Using a wide range of research methods including both qualitative and quantitative methods.

––Research Project
This unit will develop learners confidence using research techniques acquired in the small-scale research project. It addresses the elements that make up formal research, including the proposal, a variety of research methodologies, action planning, carrying out the research itself and presenting the findings. The research project will have direct relevance to a public service issue and professional development.

––Sociological Aspects of the Public Services in Contemporary Society
This unit enables learners to develop an understanding of the construction of social structures in society and the tensions between structure and agency. Learners will explore culture, family, sexuality and gender and how they contribute to the structure of society. The unit explores a wide range of contemporary issues in
society and how they can impact on availability and provision of public services.

––The Global Environment:
The aim of this unit is to develop understanding of major global economic and environmental issues as well as areas of current conflict. Learners will also learn about different international organisations and their political
systems as well as how the media impacts on the public services.

––Psychology of Human and Criminal Behaviour:
In this unit you will examine psychological approaches and theories and relate them to criminal behaviour. The unit covers how people behave and inter-relate with each other and with organisations.

––Emergency Planning and the Public Services
This unit will introduce learners to the emergency planning that is undertaken by the public services as well as how disasters are managed. Learners will develop a simulated disaster scenario that could be used in training exercises, allocating roles and responsibilities to the public services involved.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed through written assignments, reports, case studies, practical assessments, individual projects, individual/group presentations and time constrained assessments. In year 2 you will be required to undertake a detailed research project related to your chosen area of employment and engage in work related placements or volunteering.

What can I do next

Public Services is one of the most exciting industries and has such a diverse career pathway. The HND in Public Services will provide you with the foundation knowledge required to build a career in the emergency services, armed forces, prison service, criminal justice, probation service or youth work. Graduates have secured employment within Her Majesty’s Prison Service, the Royal Air Force and the Police Force. This course provides a wide range of opportunities due to the variety of contemporary topics studied.